Tequila ~ A Sonnet

Blogophilia 42.3 Topic: “The Taste of Lime”

Bonus points:
(Hard, 2pts): Mention Purple Hair
(Easy, 1pt): Include a Black Haired Dancer

Final date to post: December 20th, 2010, GMT midnight


Tequila ~ A Sonnet

His hair glows purple beneath neon lights…
Cheshire cat smile, dark angel in disguise.
I’m sinking deep in this powerless plight…
Lost at sea, drowning in ebony eyes.

I search for answers, my fears to allay…
A few shots of Cuervo to ease my pains.
Choking it down, it takes my breath away…
Oh Tequila, your warmth inside my veins!

I move to the rhythm, fueled by the fire…
I let my black hair down and dance for you.
Locked in your arms, I succumb to desire…
Entangled in passion the whole night through.

Shaken and stirred, I lost all sense of time…
Yet on my tongue remains the taste of lime.

Colleen M. Breuning © 2010

December 15, 2010


Clones, cubicle wars, in my own little cubby, office space, worker bees, drones,
inside the hive, corporate world, big brother is watching, computer world,
hackers, empty nest…. I give up!


  1. sassyspeaks says:

    Let’s see if can remember what I said on space. “Shaken and stirred” yes lots of meanings – I love your writes – can FEEL them 😆

  2. falcon1974 says:

    lovely Colleen. I see many people want the Tequila. :O

    1. Thank you Craig!

      Haha, believe it or not… I detest tequila! Just don’t like the taste of it, even in a margarita. Go figure ~ I’d take my red wine any day. 😉

  3. -slj says:

    Just testing this…your description of tequila makes me feel kinda warm 😉

    I may be able to do more via CrackBerry on wordPress…couple tests up. 🙂

    1. Sorry just now getting to this…. don’t know my way around WordPress too well. I thought all comments automatically got posted.

      Guess you could say I’m STILL feeling my way around this place 😉

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