As The Wind Speaks

As the Wind Speaks…

April sun fades in crimson skies,
Serenaded by catbird cries.
Owl takes refuge in maple tree
As the wind speaks softly to me.

Thoughts tumble down, into the fray 
At the end of a weary day.
Golden moon rises high and free
As the wind speaks softly to me.

In a trance, dancing by starlight;
Lips like velvet deep in the night.
Arms enfold and rock me gently
As the wind speaks softly to me.

April sun fades in crimson skies
As the wind speaks softly to me.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
April 30, 2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 7.14 Topic: WC – The Wind Speaks
Hard Bonus (2 points): WC – Write in kyrielle sonnet format
Easy Bonus (1 Point): WC – Incorporate a catbird

WC = Writer’s Choice!


  1. In the Pink
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. Saturday in the Park
  4. Spring Fever
  5. Spring Canopy
  6. Cherry Blossom Parade
  7. I Want to hold your hand
  8. A blossoming romance
  9. I think I’m turning Japanese
  10. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

The Oracle Has Spoken

The Oracle Has Spoken 

The crescent dawn arrives with shades of peach
As I float alone in the silent sea.
A silver moon beckons just out of reach…
Embryonic waters embracing me.

A distant foghorn calls out in warning;
Nimbus clouds shatter, torrents of rain pour.
Sailors take heed with red skies at morning…
Fighting through riptides, I make it to shore.

Black winds whip up, dead calm has been broken.
Mushroom cloud blossoms as the sky portends.
Fire and ice, the oracle has spoken…
Holding on with hope until the world ends.

After we tumble to rubble and rust…
A single pink bloom springs up from the dust.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
April 23, 2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 6.14 Topic: Til the World Ends
Hard Bonus (2 points): Include the title of a Clive Cussler book (Crescent Dawn, The Silent Sea, Black Wind, Fire and Ice, The Oracle)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Utilize a foghorn or whistle 

Secret Phrase Guesses:

This week’s pic
  1. Shades of peach (in blog)
  2. Mushroom cloud blossoms (in blog)
  3. Until the world ends (in blog)
  4. Big bang theory
  5. Doomsday
  6. Cherry Bomb
  7. Apocalypse Now
  8. Nuclear Bomb
  9. The end is near
  10. It’s the end of the world as we know it

Topic:  Christopher   Pic:   Stormy

Color My World

Color My World

miles above
Florida greens
floating in white clouds
yellow sun blazes bright
a thought pops into my head
and I wonder, are we there yet
fast descent, rolling down the tarmac
I catch her in the distance, eyes brown dance
she’s the queen of hearts, she colors my world
running to me with arms open wide
in her crown of golden pigtails
I’m mesmerized by her smile
she melts into my arms
enchanting giggles
she is my joy
the essence
of true

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
April 15, 2021

For my sweet Posie, who actually came running to meet me at the airport yesterday, excited and smiling! It brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart completely! She is truly a joy…. Posie, you light up my world with a color of rainbows! I love you sweetheart. xoxo Nanny Bee

My Posie Mae


1. Broken pavers
2. Follow the yellow brick road
3. Oddballs and misfits
4. Just trying to fit in
5. Standing out in a crowd
6. Filling a hole
7. Brick House
8. Broken/breaking the pattern
9. Sticking out like a sore thumb
10. Square peg in a round hole (or vice versa)

Topic: Tyler Pic: Christopher

This April Day

This April Day

jolly daffodils
are beaming from their daybeds
finch at the feeders

the lazy cat sleeps
as spiders spin their silk webs
in the morning sun

the dew and the lace
reflect like brilliant diamonds
in tender green grass

sunshine and daisies
and the taste of love is sweet
on this April day

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
April 9, 2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 4.14 Topic: Sunshine and Daisies
Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a line from a Wall of Voodoo song (“The dew and the lace” and “the taste of love is sweet”)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention your favorite animal (cat)

Secret Bonus Guesses:

  1. Sunshine and daisies ( in blog)
  2. Spiders spin their silk webs (in blog)
  3. Don’t bug me
  4. Blossoms
  5. Ant
  6. Flower buds
  7. In my Secret Garden
  8. White Petals
  9. Spring flowers
  10. Pollinator

Topic:  Christine   Pic: Lissa

Velvet Whispers

Velvet Whispers

My love is like the evening star,
Sailing in twilight sky afar.
Drifting past the crescent moonlight
In velvet whispers of the night.

The constellations point the way,
Sirius beckons from the fray.
That star has five points, pinpoint bright,
In velvet whispers of the night.

Tangled up in guilty pleasures,
Show to me your hidden treasures.
Colliding deep with sweet delight
In velvet whispers of the night.

My love is like the evening star,
In velvet whispers of the night.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
April 2, 2021

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 3.14 Topic: What’s Your Pleasure
Hard Bonus (2 points): Quote Jack Benny (“That star has five points” from the Jack Benny show)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a Phase of the Moon (crescent moon)

Secret Phrase Guesses:

  1. Evening Star (in blog)
  2. Outside my window
  3. Lake House
  4. Gone fishing
  5. On Golden Pond
  6. Bridge 
  7. Summer vacation
  8. Secret fishing spot
  9. Bridge over troubled water
  10. Sitting on the dock of the bay

Topic: Tyler   Pic: Christopher