The Details

The Details ~ Blogophilia 5.4
Blogophilia 5.4 Topic: “A Crazy Twist of Fate”
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts):Mention 3 Sports (I used curling, wrestling, sailing & hang gliding)
(Easy, 1pt):Use Tap Dancing

Final date to post: April 5th, 2011 GMT midnight
Final date to post ALL GUESSES: April 2nd, 2011 GMT midnight

The Details

It was a snowy day in February
when you first laid eyes on me.
I sat on display in the partner’s office,
my chocolate hair curling down my back.
It fails me when I first spotted you
from behind my glass partition.
Our hearts were tethered to others;
you kept a respectable distance for years.

But I still remember what I was wearing…
a crimson blouse with white piping,
tartan plaid wool skirt and dress boots.

Our lives took different twists and turns —
you moved south and I moved east,
bound by the long cord of mutual friends.
I was wrestling with my desperation,
weary of my mind numbing existence
when you called me that hot night in July.
I don’t remember exactly what you said,
but you sent my heart sailing like a kite.

But I still remember what I was doing…
hand washing dishes in my lavender suit,
sweat dripping down into the soapy water.

It was a sunny day in late November
that we sat in the hotel restaurant
watching sunlight glint on aqua waters,
the seagulls hang gliding in azure skies.
You and I, on the other side of paradise,
gazing into each other’s eyes
and tap dancing around our future.
I can’t recall the exact plans we made.

But I still remember what I was eating…
a cheeseburger with pineapple,
dill pickle spear and a side of fries.

I never went searching for another prince
because I don’t believe in fairy tales.
So perhaps it was predestined
or written in the distant stars,
perhaps it was a crazy twist of fate
that our lives would intersect.
The sands of time fall, memory eludes,
but some details you just can’t forget.

And I still remember how I was feeling…
like the luckiest princess in the kingdom,
to finally have another chance at love again.

Colleen M. Breuning © 2011
March 28, 2011

Dedicated to my husband Dan!


Mystery lady/mystery woman, masked woman, belle of the ball, masquerade, princess, Cinderella, Mardi Gras, fairy tale, who’s that lady, hoop skirt, hidden, behind the mask, wicked, candelabra, opera candles, burning up, candle crown, phantom of the opera, opera glasses……..


Blogophilia 4.4 Topic: “This Has Been a Public Service Announcement”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): Name three bands from the 1980s
(Easy, 1pt): include the words “take what you can… give nothing back!”

Final date to post: March 29th, 2011 GMT midnight

Final date to post ALL GUESSES: March 26th, 2011 GMT midnight

80s bands used:
Ambrosia, KISS, After the Fire, Poison, Heart, Yes, Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, Genesis, Journey, Survivor


"Boulder Ablaze" by Kkart-d2y7uog @ DeviantArt (c) 2011



It tasted sweet as ambrosia,
that long ago dangerous kiss
one spark of passion
flaming into a wildfire
that ravaged me, consumed me,
raging anger in the night,
the white heat of new star.
After the fire ran its course,
there was nothing left but
spent kindling, smoke and ashes.

I drank from your cup of poison,
I fell for your charms…
seduction then slaughter.
Take what you can…give nothing back
was your motto.
You left my psyche battered,
brow beaten and bruised,
scar upon scar,
a heart turned to stone.

Yes, I pushed aside my needs,
sacrificed my dignity,
trading torrents of tears for fears
hanging tight for dear life,
unable to surrender control,
such a simple concept
that simple minds like mine
could not grasp.

Scared and shivering,
on the brink of demise,
a beam of light shone upon me
through a crack in the window
and I thought I heard a voice
beckoning me towards change.
A warmth flooded my veins,
and an awakening began…
a genesis of sorts.

Brick by brick,
stone by stone
I cobbled together a purpose,
bridged my past to my future,
guided by the sun over my shoulders.
I took the fork in the road
and righted my journey in life,
a delicate pink calla lily
blooming in autumn,
a survivor against all odds.

No, I don’t need you anymore…
I don’t want you anymore…
So stay the hell out of my life.
This has been a public service announcement.
Govern yourself accordingly.

Colleen M. Breuning © 2011
March 24, 2011



Tattoo you, runner’s high, tribal dance, dancing with the stars, hieroglyphics, run for fun, jazzercize, fleet feet, race to the finish, urn, black beauties, the ides of march, vase, pottery, that’s all I got tonight!

The Stowaway ~ Blogophilia 3.4

Blogophilia 3.4 Topic: “Traveling Man”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include the ‘web’ (as in world wide web)
(Easy, 1pt): mention Brussels

Final date to post: March 22nd, 2011 GMT midnight
Final date to post ALL GUESSES: March 19th, 2011 GMT midnight




Stacked, platform heels, running shoes, happy feet, run for your life, fashionista, shoe fetish, foot fetish, pump it up, achilles heel, taking it all in stride, wedge, street style, hit the streets, track meet, shoe lover’s dream….