Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon It is time to float on the waters of the nightto exhale the troubles of the daybalancing the wish to be lostwith the aching need to be found. Immerse yourself in the burgeoning skiesrevel in the raspberry sherbet sunsetand cast your eyes toward the eastwhere the strawberry moon beckons. Rising low on theContinue reading “Strawberry Moon”


Oblivious Red dusk is obliviousto the catbird’s plaintive cries.Twilight sighs and shiversbeneath the dappled skies. Clouds morph on the horizon,jeweled tones in refracting light.Half moon rises slowlybeaming in the young night. Venus makes an entranceas the sun begins to set.Pinpoint stars appearingin fields of black velvet. Throw another log onand let the flames rise higher.StokeContinue reading “Oblivious”

The Beacon

The Beacon She is the beaconguiding in the storms of lifeunwavering light. She raised her childrenwith unconditional lovealways supportive. She nursed all our illscold ginger ale and crackersloving caregiver. She exudes wisdomalways speaking her true mindshining her bright light. She radiates strengthmy divine inspirationmy kind role model. She is my motherher home is also myContinue reading “The Beacon”

Sisters of the Moon

Sisters of the Moon Thunder rumbles across the land,drums reverberating in the night.I walk alone in barren fieldsto join my sisters in the moonlight. Arise, oh pagans of the northour fevered fires burn within,taste of honeysuckle on our lips,the zephyr’s touch upon our skin. Eyes scan the indigo skies,searching for the waxing moon.Gardens burst withContinue reading “Sisters of the Moon”

Nature’s Calm

Nature’s Calm Rainbrewingin dark cloudsfeeling washed upand hung out to drydoubt pulses through my veinsfeeling sorry for myselfpondering my mere existenceall mistakes and regrets amplifiedthundering loudly in my addled brainwallowing and pathetic in my painI step outside and take a deep breathinhaling sweet scent of wet grassletting the rain soak my skindoubling down on courageIContinue reading “Nature’s Calm”


Surrender Down the mountainside a gentle breeze blowsThrough the mighty maples and oaks so fair.Past the gold meadows where the river flowsNightingale crooning, love is in the air. I found you sitting on the rocks aloneAs day faded into velvet twilight.Lost in this world, no one to call your ownWhile distant stars illuminate the night.Continue reading “Surrender”

Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises Promises of a pink morning sky,a resplendent sun breaking dawn.White clouds of hope rise up so highwe are born, we live and pass on. Some promises never come truewhen hardship and sadness abound.A tall pile of bills overdue,teardrops falling upon the ground. Promises of husband and wifetempered with blessings and sorrow.A curve inContinue reading “Promises, Promises”

Sensuality of Spring

Sensuality of Spring Step into nature and beholdthe winter’s secrets left untold.The turning of the season bringsthe sensuality of spring. Pink and chartreuse buds are sprouting,doves are cooing, bluejays shouting.Soon the butterfly spreads its wings,the sensuality of spring. The wind whips up and raindrops fallinstilling peace and sense of awe,as choir of woodland creatures singtheContinue reading “Sensuality of Spring”

The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind I crawl out of bedincessant alarm blaringat the break of dawn Hours grind by slowlyhunched over the computerendless to-do list I’m working to liveor am I living to workretirement evades Taking my chancesmy feet moving with purposebut I’m getting tired Driving in the darklosing myself in musicmy evening commute Now I seeContinue reading “The Daily Grind”

Love Songs on the Porch

Love Songs on the Porch Warmpromisesummer dayswake to birdsongchalk art on sidewalkshopscotch and roller skateswatching thunderclouds roll byseventies love songs on the porchwafting through our humble neighborhoodsbaseball cards, clothespins, aluminum spokeszooming down the alleys, hair flying freerunning with glee through the cool sprinklersblueberry snowcones at twilightstar gazing in my backyardsweet childhood memoriessuch innocent timesand IContinue reading “Love Songs on the Porch”