Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms Goldsunlighton watersaquamarineembryonic warmthseafoam between my toesI reach my arms to the seamy thoughts ramble and turn to yousummer breezes and rocking chairscrashing ocean waves, music to our earsbeachcombing, scooping fingers snag treasuresscallops, lightning whelk and fighting conchmollusks covered in silken mossseashells bring sweet memoriesgrateful for your presencecounting my blessingsas I hold closemy preciousluckycharmsContinue reading “Lucky Charms”

The Whispering Wind

The Whispering Wind When night falls with pain and sorrowand I’m feeling cold and hollow,in the midst of anxiety,the whispering wind comforts me. Hear the caress of windchime ringsas the lonely mockingbird sings.While pondering my destiny,the whispering wind comforts me. Now as my restless spirit roams,guide me to my heavenly home,and when the rain fallsContinue reading “The Whispering Wind”

Whistle of the Train

Whistle of the Train I can hear your voice calling me,a gentle breeze across the sea,in the mourning dove’s sad refrain,with every whistle of the train. As tracks of hot tears stain my face,my heart longs for your warm embrace,a balm that soothes this endless painwith every whistle of the train. The candlewick is burningContinue reading “Whistle of the Train”

Don’t Bring Me Roses

Don’t Bring Me Roses The cold mistral wind blows across the bay,Where the fog lies kissing the mountainside.Our hearts and hands entwined, we find our wayTo the place where our deepest hopes abide. On those long winter nights, we sang in tuneWaiting for Venus and Mars to align.Whispering vows by the light of the moonSavoring,Continue reading “Don’t Bring Me Roses”


Felinity I believe in love at first sight,My furry little feline sprite.In your shelter cage, full of glee…My heart you stole eternally. Mood swings from funny to fickle:Playful, puckish, in a pickle.Blind luck? I call it destiny…My heart you stole eternally. I held you close that fateful dayAnd helped your spirit sail away.Chase that rainbow,Continue reading “Felinity”

Dragon Hunters

Dragon Hunters Linen clouds drift by,dragon hunters swift and spry,morphing in the sky. Fluffy figures faircast their magic everywhere,marching through the air. Let’s chase the gold sunlike china dolls on the run;the hunt has begun. Through marshes we wade,hues of emerald and jade,as pastel skies fade. The darkness descends;hidden deep inside the glenis the dragon’sContinue reading “Dragon Hunters”

Cool Blue Water

Cool Blue Water Hope springs eternal in my heartEver ready for a fresh startA place for dreams and reverieWhere cool blue water waits for me. Give me the splendid silent sunAs bees and flowers come undoneRunning through fields of green, so freeWhere cool blue water waits for me. Drifting down in the aqueductI vow myContinue reading “Cool Blue Water”


Tide I pray like falling rain and lightHiding within shadows of nightDrowning in the shallows of prideFor I don’t want to fight this tide. My veins pulse with a quiet dreadClouds in my coffee and in my headUnleashing all the tears I criedFor I don’t want to fight this tide. High above, the sky isContinue reading “Tide”

In the Mountains

In the Mountains There is a calm before the stormBeyond the place where black winds form.Miles away from cacophony,Where the soul finds serenity. Breathe in the pristine country air,Observe the beauty everywhere.Blue skies stretch for infinityWhere the soul finds serenity. Here in the mountains I shall stayAs the winter sun fades away.Resting here for eternity,WhereContinue reading “In the Mountains”