Unbroken Ihoverin darknesslooking for lightthe minutes tick bywaiting with bated breathcountdown to imminent deathfrom the graveyard, the spirits cryhanging in the icy air of nightreality shines, eyesight to the blindshivering as memories cloud my mindleaving my loneliness unbrokenheart ravaged by words unspokenhold on ‘til the bitter endmy spirit shall transcendstanding in the fraywith the heart-feltpromiseContinue reading “Unbroken”

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit The crimson sun comes crashing downBlood red rays tumble to the ground.I see it through the scarlet glare,Christmas spirit is everywhere. I find joy in falling snowflakes,Even though my broken heart aches.Scent of pine needles in the air,Christmas spirit is everywhere. Oh silent night, most holy night,I’m drawn towards the eastern light.I bowContinue reading “Christmas Spirit”

Empty Sky

Empty Sky My witness is the empty sky,Devoid of any truth or lie.Raindrops tumble from clouds of gray…It all ends in tears anyway. Winter wallows with brutal coldAs cherished memories unfold.No matter what they do or say…It all ends in tears anyway. Behold as Christmas comes againWith scent of spruce and cinnamon.But time is cruel,Continue reading “Empty Sky”

Searchlight Soul (A Sonnet)

Searchlight Soul I woke the same as any other day,Endlessly searching for the black hole sun.A shattered world tempered with shades of gray…Searching for traces of light, finding none. I walk this long and winding road of life,Endless anxiety laced with duress.The frigid winds blow through my bitter heart…Searching for inner peace and happiness. IContinue reading “Searchlight Soul (A Sonnet)”

Between the Pages

Between the Pages In this magical librarysitting high upon the shelfdusty pages will reveal…pieces of myself. My restless fingers caresscloth covered gold filigreeskimming tales of long ago…full of rich history. Therein lies a secret portalinto worlds of mysteryspilling out bold truths and hope…love, life and liberty. Escape the problems of todaywander into tomorrowlose yourself betweenContinue reading “Between the Pages”


Bewilderment Summer beckons, delights of JuneMy eyes are the size of the moonGentle breeze caresses the bayAnd I won’t let it fade away. Pour the champagne, the night is youngThe taste of passion on my tongueThe weeping willows bend and swayAnd I won’t let it fade away. My wings flutter like mockingbirdBewildered by your adContinue reading “Bewilderment”


Blessings Hearthblazingpumpkin piesfresh from oventwo turkeys roastingcutting bread for stuffingsuch a harvest of blessingscomfort in this labor of lovetablescape of crystal and chinamy thoughts drift to holidays long agomy spirits lifted by sweet memoriesgrateful for my family and friendswho have graced my life through the yearswith hands and hearts intertwinedwe embrace the futureby the graceContinue reading “Blessings”


Fate Years passed, no regretmemories swirl in my headI cannot forget phone call from the pastyour voice beckoned on the lineand our fates were cast topsy turvy worldstanding at the precipiceall my fears unfurled two lives intersectthe merging of destinybutterfly effect warm Bahama breezeplane taxied down long runwaysailed across blue seas you showed me trueContinue reading “Fate”

Hurricane Bones

Hurricane Bones I woke to the sound of rainhard upon the roofgutters gushing streams of painmourning doves aloof. Brittle bones begin to acheas outer bands lopeominous clouds roll and breakovershadowed hope. The cat snuggles up to warmsoft gray, purring deepseeking comfort from the stormdrifting back to sleep. Astral spirits have been spurnedblue skies turn toContinue reading “Hurricane Bones”

Feu Follet

Feu Follet Down in the old South, deep in the bayou,Old banyan trees rustle in the dank air.Stars of Aquarius come into view,Strange voices whisper their tales of despair. From the darkness rose a small ball of light,Magical orbs swirling before my eyes.A feu follet glowing, fiery and white;Paranormal renderings in the sky. Tear upContinue reading “Feu Follet”