Autumn Girl

Autumn Girl Dawnpeeks outblooming boldcrimson and goldthe season’s new girlshe is naughty and niceand everything pumpkin spiceher sweet smile reflecting sunlightshe dances on wispy clouds of whitefloating through in skies of cornflower blue.she has found the secret to happiness,  to be awake is to be aliveto embrace beauty and to thrivebasking in October sunbees buzzingContinue reading “Autumn Girl”

Beneath the Harvest Moon

Beneath the Harvest Moon Autumn fires burn in golden sunOctober hues have come undone.As catbird sings his mournful tune,I wait beneath the harvest moon. Whisked on the wind, leaves are falling.Feel the chill of winter calling.Love comes not a moment too soon,I wait beneath the harvest moon. Your lips taste of cabernet wine,Sending chills runningContinue reading “Beneath the Harvest Moon”

The Darkness

The Darkness The darkness descends with its gloomWrathful clouds release their cold rainAlone, imprisoned in this roomBold wind rattles the windowpane. Wrathful clouds release their cold rainOn a canvas of purple gloam.Bold wind rattles the windowpaneAs wayward geese make their way home. On a canvas of purple gloamHunter moon rises in night skyAs wayward geeseContinue reading “The Darkness”

Rogue Specters

Rogue Specters Upon dark clouds did hope depart,An iceberg dagger to the heart.Dim shadows lit by fading light…Rogue specters in the autumn night. Ten thousand spirits strayed, adrift,Cast out by societal rift.Bound by vision to make things right…Rogue specters in the autumn night. They mount their saddles, carry onTo promises of blooming dawn.Sailing on sunbeams,Continue reading “Rogue Specters”

Washed Away

Washed Away There is no calmafter the storm.Waters recede,the sun shines warm. Foreboding cloudshave left the sky.There are no tearsleft here to cry. All that we knewwas washed away.Our rainbow huesmuddled to gray. A sense of doomat damage done.Picking up pieceswe carry on… Yes, we are aliveand we shall survive… We shall survive. Colleen KellerContinue reading “Washed Away”


Vertigo My head is spinning round and round,My feet unsteady on the ground.I’m caught up in this undertow,I’ve got a touch of vertigo. I try to still these waves of changeAnd close my eyes to rearrange.I sense your warmth as cold winds blow,I’ve got a touch of vertigo. In fields of gold, your lips meetContinue reading “Vertigo”

In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas Wedrink inwarm sunshinefingers of lightcascade from blue skyreflecting off the lakewe wander through the vineyardpausing to taste forbidden fruitsummer bursting boldly on our tonguesshades of cabernet swirl in cut crystalas a renaissance flows within our veinswe dance in parade of emotionsbodies and souls in slow tandemsearching for unknown answersin vino veritaswe bareContinue reading “In Vino Veritas”

Light Fading

Light Fading Twilight is falling,autumn breeze blowing.Past the honeysuckle bushes,my tired feet are slowing. My breath comes in gaspsunder periwinkle skies.Can you see the light fadingwhen you look into my eyes? Is this how it will gowhen we get to the end?Will you take one last glimpseand let my spirit ascend? Will you hold meContinue reading “Light Fading”

Water Lilies

Water Lilies Latesummerpale blue skies Wingsflittingdragonflies Dewgatherslily blooms Airfillingsweet perfume Paleyellowfloating free Frogsgloatingsummer spree Sunblazingcrystal sparks Lightfadinginto dark Moonbeckonsrising high Starstwinklingvelvet night Budsclosinguntil morn Dayendinghope reborn Colleen Keller Breuning © 2022August 13, 2022 This is just a little ditty that I was playing around with that resulted in a simplistic imagery poem. It started withContinue reading “Water Lilies”

Perfectly Flawed

Perfectly Flawed Paper thinpale porcelain skinaching bones upon the wake. Sullen dawna hole in the cloudsand I’m thinking I might break. Dark sky burstsrain pelting, meltingglacial heart that never thawed. Fragile soulbleeding wounds that healedand I am perfectly flawed. Colleen Keller Breuning © 2022 July 30, 2022