Rogue Specters

Rogue Specters

Upon dark clouds did hope depart,
An iceberg dagger to the heart.
Dim shadows lit by fading light…
Rogue specters in the autumn night.

Ten thousand spirits strayed, adrift,
Cast out by societal rift.
Bound by vision to make things right…
Rogue specters in the autumn night.

They mount their saddles, carry on
To promises of blooming dawn.
Sailing on sunbeams, taking flight…
Rogue specters in the autumn night.

Upon dark clouds did hope depart…
Rogue specters in the autumn night.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2022
October 7, 2022

I’m so happy to see that Blogophilia, my old blogging group, has relaunched!! YAY! This group has always been very effective in making me write poetry consistently each week. I’ve missed it, and I have really slacked lately. Their format has changed a bit, with no scoring anymore. That’s cool, I don’t really mind. Actually, I rather like the freedom of using/not using the prompts.  I’ll keep on trying to use them, as it sometimes makes me go in a direction that I normally wouldn’t…like this week!

Sometimes just being in the moment or a thinking on a prompt inspires a poem. The wind started whipping up a little bit last night and kind of reminded me of Halloween coming. The line from Blake “thousand spirits stray” kept sticking with me. I envisioned some estranged spirits in the netherworld being in a kind of purgatory. I changed this up many times and ended up with a Kyrielle sonnet. I tried experimenting with a pantoum, but just couldn’t make it work.

Autumn is finally in full force, and I love the changes it has brought. The temperatures are cooling down, and we’ve had a fire in the fireplace a few nights this week, which is so comforting. This week there’s been an owl hooting out in our backyard, too! I love this, that sound is so soothing. This is my absolute favorite season of year, and living in Virginia we truly get to embrace the beauty of autumn! Some of the maples are already turning red in town, most of our own trees are young and haven’t started turning just yet. Today is a beautiful day, we are going to go to get some pumpkins for the front porch from Nall’s Farm Market. I will also pick up some squash and mums to add some color.  

I’m doing much better recovering from my gallbladder surgery last week. Many thanks to everyone’s advice and kind thoughts.  I have a post-op appointment next week. Food has been hit or miss, if you know what I mean. I’ve been trying to stick with a low-fat diet. This week, I cooked up some homemade chicken noodle soup and some teriyaki salmon with roast yams & asparagus last night for dinner. Both of these meals made my stomach very happy!  The good news is I’ve gotten my energy levels back…can’t wait to return to my running and workout routine once I’m cleared. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

xoxo Colleen

Inspiration: “By the Roes, and by the Hinds of the Field” Johann Johannsson
Mood: Thoughtful

Far Too Young

Far Too Young

Dark shadows drift across my mind,
Like saints and sinners marching blind.
As thoughts of painful past invade,
Memories of tomorrow fade.

Watch the credits roll to the end,
Far too young to bury a friend.
The rope unravels, thin and frayed;
Memories of tomorrow fade.

Shards of sunlight pierce through the heart,
Forcing dense strands of grief apart.
Denied by surgeon’s cold steel blade,
Memories of tomorrow fade.

Dark shadows drift across my mind,
Memories of tomorrow fade.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
February 12, 2021

This is another Kyrielle sonnet to add to my Dark Sonnet Series, written in memory of the high school friends that have passed. Just this past week, three have died, along with several online writing friends. It’s far too sad, and far too young!! RIP my friends.

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 49.13 Topic: Memories of Tomorrow
Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a Billie Eilish Song Title (Watch, Bury a Friend)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a School Mascot (Saints) 

This week’s pic


1.  A hummingbird’s delight
2.  Sipping sweet nectar
3.  Thirsty
4.  Little hummer
5.  All of God’s little creatures
6.  Feed me
7.  Ruby throat hummingbird
8.  Sugar adrenaline rush
9.  What’s the buzz?
10. Watermelon sugar high

Topic:  Lika     Picture:  Lissa

Masks and Lies

Morgue File Free Photos © 2016

Masks and Lies

Blaze the spark of early fires
Velvet whispers, deep desires
Muted rapture in the dying light
You are shadows, I am the night.

Don’t listen to the weathermen
They talk about the rain again
Tap your homicidal feelings
Paint the sky upon the ceiling.

But you fall to dust and crumble
In walls of words that tumble
Knowing the liar has no truth to give
And he has to have a lie to live.

No matter where the river flows,
I must follow where my mind goes
Masked by clouds, just out of sight
You are shadows, I am the night.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2016
January 27, 2016

Blood Moon


Colleen Keller Breuning © 2015

Blood Moon

Crickets harmonize
a rhapsody in August,
sweet background singers

Pregnant clouds hover
in crisis of confidence,
summer rain debate.

Warm wind blows gently,
dissolving clouds to fine mist;
light shines through its haze

Earth casts dark shadows,
aligning with sun and moon
in black velvet skies.

Raging with color,
Luna rises triumphant,
on her throne of blood.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2015
September 28, 2015



The sun has gone missing
held hostage by defiant clouds
heavy skies aching, stripped of light
while the dark matter pulls us down…

We are blind to our own blindness
thinking inside narrow boxes
afraid to color outside the lines
hiding within our own shadows…

Falling for fools, falling in love
we fall out of favor with ourselves
trying to pretend time stands still
as the mirror reveals hard truths…

C’est la vie, mon ami
it’s just the way of the world
for the Earth tilts on its axis
hurtling towards tomorrow…

We defy the theory of relativity
stepping into the black hole
free falling to our destiny
faster than the speed of light….

…and gravitation cannot be held responsible.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2015
August 12, 2015

Night Hawk


Night Hawk

I have been one acquainted with the night…
When shadows masquerade in fantasy.
Like vagabond angels, emotions take flight,
Dancing far outside the realm of reality.

When shadows masquerade in fantasy…
Kindred spirits soar across blue bay.
Dancing far outside the realm of reality,
Feel the morning madness drift away.

Kindred spirits soar across blue bay…
Clouds crash, tumultuous rain spills.
Feel the morning madness drift away,
Falling silent, deep into the forest hills.

Clouds crash, tumultuous rain spills…
As hawk keeps watch high in hickory tree.
Falling silent, deep into the forest hills,
Breathe in the essence of true serenity.

As hawk keeps watch high in hickory tree…
Dusk whispers, leaves tumble to and fro.
Breathe in the essence of true serenity,
Savoring stars that bedeck a field of indigo.

Dusk whispers, leaves tumble to and fro…
Like vagabond angels, emotions take flight.
Savoring stars that bedeck a field of indigo,
I have been one acquainted with the night.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2014
October 10, 2014

Shadows of My Father ~ The Poem and The Book

"Shadows of My Father" by Colleen Keller Breuning © 2011

Shadows of My Father

As a child, I walked through the park
hand in hand with my father.
Brimming with energy and innocence,
I played a game of hide and seek,
jumping into his enormous shadow.
My elfin figure was gobbled up
by his lumbering adumbration,
stretching long across the path
illuminated by the springtime sun.

Young and stupid in love,
I felt as if my father’s shadow
was falling over me, somehow
supplanted in my subconscious.
Though I could not see it,
I could feel his image lingering,
cutting through the darkness,
watching me as I made mistakes
from which he could not protect me.

I could sense his shadow slipping
away that New Year’s Day,
battle weary from the fight of his life.
With a weak smile on his face,
my father gazed at me
from his hospital bed.
I knew from the far away look
in his soft hazel eyes
that I was saying goodbye.

Now as I walk alone
with the sun on my back,
my own blackened silhouette
extends before me.
There are no huge hands to hold,
no large shadows to jump into.
But my soul is at peace,
and I smile, knowing that I carry
his shadow inside of mine.

Colleen M. Breuning © 2011
All Rights Reserved

This poem was the one that inspired me to do a tribute book of poetry to my father. Though the book contains many poems about experiences with my father, there are other subjects covered in the work presented within. I want to thank my family, friends and network of fellow writers who have shown great support, not only by purchasing the book, but in giving me such positive feedback throughout this process. I love you all!

Published in “Shadows of My Father”
Available now on Amazon:



The veil of sadness
fell down upon me,
invoking dark shadows
and shades of melancholy.

Crimson tears trickle,
scarring and burning.
The world tilts and spins,
the pages of life keep turning.

The mind grows weary,
witness to brutal violence.
It longs for quiet sanctuary,
seeking justice and penance.

The lifeline has been cast out
into the sea of great sorrow.
Just hold on tight to the rope,
Until the sun rises tomorrow.

Colleen M. Breuning © 2010
October 10, 2010