Shiny Unhappy People

Shiny Unhappy People
People shine bright, all colors of the rainbow…
Some are golden, born to sweet delight,
Ivory and ebony, lightness and dark,
Some are indigo, born to endless night.
When it comes to one’s true feelings,
Floccinaucinihilipilification is verboten.
Keep your mouth closed when in doubt,
Keep your opinions away from emotions. 
Don’t judge me by my current state of mind,
Don’t try to change how I feel, think or hear.
Excessive sorrow laughs on the saddest day, 
Excessive joy weeps with sentimental tears.
Just let me rage at those threatening skies,
Let me wallow into the depths of sorrow.
Though it seems to you my world is shattered,
I resolve to pick up the pieces tomorrow.
I shall rise to greet the sun’s beckoning light,
Though the sunset of my youth is fading fast.
Cherishing each moment, both happy and sad,
Shining bright, loving hard until the very last.
Colleen Keller Breuning © 2020
October 2, 2020

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