Blood Moon


Colleen Keller Breuning © 2015

Blood Moon

Crickets harmonize
a rhapsody in August,
sweet background singers

Pregnant clouds hover
in crisis of confidence,
summer rain debate.

Warm wind blows gently,
dissolving clouds to fine mist;
light shines through its haze

Earth casts dark shadows,
aligning with sun and moon
in black velvet skies.

Raging with color,
Luna rises triumphant,
on her throne of blood.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2015
September 28, 2015


  1. Myke Todd says:

    I was denied visage of said red moon, but seeing your image and description here makes that all ̶m̶o̶o̶t̶ moon point.

  2. BarbaraK aka fiddlbarb says:

    Always an honor to read your work.

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