life’s an illusion
we are lead to delusions
wall of confusion

the world isn’t round
strange shenanigans abound
as bombs hit the ground

minutes are crawling
the salt of my tears falling
and change is calling

in world of misdeeds
peace destroyed by pride and greed
you are all I need

Colleen Keller Breuning
January 29, 2021

For some reason, the topic brought conflict and discord to mind…. and somehow I was led to this. I just love how the Blogophilia prompts take me to topics and places I don’t normally write about. 😉

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 47.13 Topic: Wall of Confusion
Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a Song Title from a One Hit Wonder (The Salt in My tears by Martin Briley; All I Need by Jack Wagner)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Use the Word “Shenanigans”


This week’s pic

1.  Stormy Weather
2.  Cold snap
3.  Ice, Ice Baby
4.  Feels like Alaska
5.  Walking in a Winter Wonderland
6.  Winter Blues
7.  Chance of Snow
8.  867-5309
9.  Jenny, I got your number…
10.  Tommy Tutone’s weather forecast

Topic:  Tyler    Pic:  Stormy  (haha, get it – stormy weather!)


  1. Hopeful last stanza. Really, what good is it for?

    1. Thanks, I always like to have a little hope. And yeah war… good for absolutely nothing!!!

  2. tylermyrth72 says:

    Like the way you brought in a glimmer of positive there at the end

    1. Gotta have hope. Otherwise I’d be severely depressed haha. 😉

  3. Irene Melgoza says:

    OMG! 8675309…how could I have missed that? LOL Great poem, btw.

    1. Haha!!! I was staring at the picture thinking WTF, how confusing. And then the numbers hit me lol! Thank you dear ! ❤

  4. Nice haiku series – hoping war isn’t on the horizon for us anytime soon. 8 points Earthling!

    1. So do I, Marvin…. would be a devastating thing. Thanks for the points! ❤

  5. Poignant and so relevant. Wonderful yet, sad words Colleen xo

    1. Thank you love…. ❤ ❤

  6. Dia Jae says:

    So sad but true. Really great read!

  7. likamarie says:

    Well written on a topic that is not necessarily easy to tackle.

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