Dark Sonnet #2

Dark Sonnet #2

Ominous storm clouds in my head
Unspoken words need to be said
Under siege of hostility
And I am ready to break free.

I fall to pieces in the night
Fighting through waves of dark and light
Sinking deep in turbulent sea
And I am ready to break free.

Washed up on the rock laden shore
I find the strength and close this door
A world of promise waits for me
And I am ready to break free.

Ominous storm clouds in my head,
And I am ready to break free.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
January 22, 2021

Yeah, I know…sorry for two dark sonnets two weeks in a row. Clearing some clutter and stress from my head and writing is my release. 🙂 😦

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 46.13 Topic: Writer’s Choice – Break Free
Hard Bonus (2 points): Writer’s Choice – Incorporate a Patsy Cline lyric (“I fall to pieces”)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Writer’s Choice – Include a turbulent sea


This week’s pic

1.  Bear with me
2.  Out of hibernation
3.  Hungry Mama Bear 
4.  Not out of the woods
5.  Yogi Bear and Boo Boo
6.  Smokey the Bear 
7.  The bear/bare necessities
8.  Black Bear on the loose
9.  What’s for dinner?
10.  Snack attack


  1. likamarie says:

    I love how you show a ray of sunshine from within. Enjoyed the post.

    1. Thanks, always have to hold out for hope that there will be better days ahead! ❤

  2. Michael Todd says:

    Magnificent… These are dark days.
    Great poem, C.B.

    1. Yes they are, my friend….with COVID and all the unrest in the country it is very dark. Hoping for brighter days! ❤

  3. Trina Johnson says:

    Just what I needed to see and hear today – thank you my friend!

    1. Thank you, friend!!!!! So wonderful to see you here. It’s been a very difficult year and 2021 isn’t starting out too well with COVID-19 spiking and all the unrest!! Love ya! ❤

    1. We can only hope… it gets overwhelming at times!

  4. Writing it out, is always a good way to clear it out. Well done as always.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. Writing always helps me purge the darkness and stress. I know you can relate! Hugs ❤

  5. Irene Melgoza says:

    And this rainy day here just adds to the darkness.

    1. Here’s hoping for brighter, sunny days for us all! ❤

  6. tylermyrth72 says:

    No apologies please: Always enjoy it when you go dark

    1. Thank you, taking a walk on the dark side is very therapeutic for me! ❤

  7. Love the way you express yourself Colleen. There is a catharsis in your words and their process. It heals us all. xo

    (I posted this in the wrong spot and have no idea how to delete. Have I mentioned how much I dislike wordpress. lol)

    1. Thank you – I think we’re all feeling the stress with everything that’s happened in the past year. Writing is cathartic and therapeutic for me!!!! Glad you found this healing! ❤

  8. I hope we are all breaking free. 8 points Earthling

    1. Me too, thanks for the points! ❤

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