Into Clouds of Lions and Tigers

Into Clouds of Lions and Tigers

I lay
there alone
in the dark night
waiting for repose
my restless mind wanders
I’d be lying to myself
if I said I didn’t miss you
the sound of your voice, your amber eyes
thoughts and memories tumble through my head
then I’m flying high, light as helium
soaring across cornflower blue skies
searching for your gentle spirit
I’m freefalling into sleep
sinking into clouds of
lions and tigers
where I shall rest
and you’ll be
in my

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2020
October 30, 2020

For my sweet Tommy…. ❤ 

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 34.13 Topic: I’d Be Lion
Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a Bon Jovi lyric (“As I lay there alone,” “And you’ll be in my dreams”)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention Helium


1.  Black Beret
2.  An American in Paris
3.  La Vie En Rose 
4.  Café Au Lait
5.  Last Tango in Paris
6.  Tea Time
7.  French lessons
8.  Parisian Café
9.  White Stripes
10.  Coffee Tea or Me?

Topic:  Tyler   Pic:  Christine  

1 Comment

  1. dahliaramone says:

    This is sweet and beautiful and a lovely tribute to Tommy. Love you, girlfriend 💗💗

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