Darkness Turns to Dust

Darkness Turns to Dust

I feel the chill of winter blow
As clouds of blasphemy rain low.
Strong beams of steel dissolve to rust
Whenever darkness turns to dust.

The wheels fly off, dark skies portend
The world’s going off the deep end.
Into the realm of lies we’re thrust
Whenever darkness turns to dust.

Feels like I’m circling the drain
In this cruel world of hate and pain.
Unsure of whom or what to trust
Whenever darkness turns to dust.

I feel the chill of winter blow
Whenever darkness turns to dust.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2020
November 6, 2020

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 35.13 Topic: Off the Deep End 
Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a song lyric from singer Post Malone 
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include the word “blasphemy”

Post Malone lyrics used:  “Darkness turns to dust,” and “Feels like I’m circling the drain.”

This week’s pic – would love to be there right about now….


1.  Lakeside
2.  Sitting by the dock of the bay
3.  Lake Tahoe
4.  Blue water
5.  Crystal Blue Persuasion
6.  Red Red Wine
7.  Somewhere in Paradise
8.  Raspberry Tea
9.  Mountain View
10.  Serenity

Topic:  Tyler   Pic:  Christine


  1. Found you. Well done my friend. I think right now, we are dealing with a lot of darkness and more than a little dust. What will we have when it settles?

    1. Thank you friend – and yes, very dark times for all of us. That is the question of the year, in an unfathomable year! ❤

  2. Very well written
    Lissa Fallon ❤

  3. Wonderful write Colleen. I feel all of it. You really expressed the common wave of emotion.

    1. Thanks Sistah Girlfriend! It has been such a whirlwind of emotion and what is especially unnerving to me is the hate and vitriol that has been whipped into a feverish pitch all around. Makes me just want to run away…. 😥 ❤

  4. Irene Melgoza says:

    Nicely done! I am just tired of all the hatred I see….and yeah, having to find another place to post blogos…well, I am avoiding it as much as possible.

    1. Thanks Irene. This is an ugly time for our nation, in the ugliest of years. I just want it to be over. I think we’re all exhausted by it. I’m very pissed at Facebook…. even though I’ve had my WP account for years, it’s been hard to redesign because they changed the formatting and I can’t get the navigation on the homepage right. A real pain! 😦 ❤

  5. falcon1974 says:

    Some times I think the world is still searching for the bottom of the deep end. What a powerful write Colleen.

    1. Thanks, Craig. You are right, and just when we think we’ve hit the bottom and cannot go any lower, we keep sinking even deeper. *sigh* ❤

  6. A very timely sonnet. 8 points Earthling

    1. Thank you Marvin. You are probably also sick of hearing about it up on Mars. :/

  7. dahliaramone says:

    Powerful, I really feel this. I feel disheartened, angry, sad about it all. Really hoping America (and the world) sees the light soon. xoxo

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