Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises

Promises of a pink morning sky,
a resplendent sun breaking dawn.
White clouds of hope rise up so high
we are born, we live and pass on.

Some promises never come true
when hardship and sadness abound.
A tall pile of bills overdue,
teardrops falling upon the ground.

Promises of husband and wife
tempered with blessings and sorrow.
A curve in the circle of life,
a winding path for tomorrow.

Few promises are meant to last,
even when made with great renown.
When deception and lies are cast,
strong foundations come tumbling down.

Promises are safest in my dreams,
drifiting free in the galaxy.
Riding high on errant moonbeams,
finding peace for eternity.

Colleen  Keller Breuning © 202
April 22, 2023

Happy Saturday, all! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. I was a little rushed to write this, and for some reason had a hard time making this poem come together. I just started pondering on the meaning of promises throughout my life, or the different promises others may experience. How I have kept my end of a promise and been badly burned at times, or how promises just sort of erode without intention or malice. I’ve grown older, maybe a bit wiser and all I can say is “C’est la vie.” That’s life.

My week has been busy, but a good kind of busy. At my accounting firm YHB, we celebrated the April 18 tax deadline at a local Winchester brewery. It was a lovely early evening, spent raising a toast to good work done, and another tax season behind us. The rest of the week has been a flourish of activities, and I spent yesterday trading in my car (a process which I absolutely hate – anyone out there feel the same)?

Today was fun, we had a spur of the moment Girl’s Day! I went thrifting with my sister Sarah and her girls Cami and Quinn. We drove into Leesburg to buy vinyl at Dig Records, then had a quick lunch at Puccio’s Deli across the street. It was pouring, so we decided to head back to Purcellville and hit a few more thrift stores. In additional to some great $3, $5 and $8 albums, I snagged a new side desk for my home office, a cool pair of antique iron floor candleholders, and a silverplated scalloped serving plate. We had such a great time.

All the rain today was very needed, but it is making me sleepy, so I’m planning to curl up with a glass of wine in front of the tv soon. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Mood: Wistful
Inspiration: “I Promise” by Radiohead

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 42.14 Topic: Promises, Promises
Hard Bonus: Incorporate a line or lyric from “The Lion King” movie or musical (The Circle of Life)

Easy Bonus: Include a pile of bills