Mellow Drama

Mellow Drama

I watch the colors in the sky
lazy wayward clouds drifting by
twilight morphing crimson and gold
as the mellow drama unfolds.

I smell a fragrance light and fair
night blooming jasmine fills the air
its white blossoms of grace exude
infuse my soul with gratitude.

I hear the plaintive catbird calls
a sad serenade as dusk falls
melancholy song in my ears
with heavy heart and misting tears.

I feel the ever shifting wind
gentle caresses on my skin
like nimble fingers warm and light
guiding me to the edge of night.

I savor distant shooting stars
flavors exploding from afar
so sweet and tart upon my tongue
reminding me my soul is young.

I dance across the night aflame
and take a bow to wild acclaim
the lead role in this cinema
star of my own mellow drama.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
August 13, 2021

Tattoo Me

Tattoo Me

Tattoo Me

In the realm of the mad god
where desperation seems real,
I am a man of a thousand faces
hiding beneath ink and steel.

Self-praise is no recommendation,
for I am a deviant to behold.
You cannot see beneath my skin
where the real drama unfolds.

Years of torture and abuse
hidden away, stripped of pride.
Cut the rope and tie me up,
one hundred lashes, my pleas defied.

Because I am so horrendous,
you shudder and back away in fear.
But you cannot comprehend my pain
and you cannot see my tears.

Cruelty has scarred my heart
as the needle scarred my hide.
Though I’ll never reveal myself to you…
I am still human deep down inside.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2015
September 6, 2015