Sturgeon Moon

Sturgeon Moon

It is time to float on the waters of the night
to exhale the troubles of the day
balancing the wish to be lost
with the aching need to be found.

Immerse yourself in the burgeoning skies
revel in the raspberry sherbet sunset
and cast your eyes toward the east
where the sturgeon moon beckons.

Rising low on the summer horizon
the moon casts its ambient pink glow
gently morphing and reflecting
in the undulating ripples of the lake.

Lazy clouds drift by in the cool breeze
encircling and embracing its radiance
casting shadows on the craggy surface
painting figments of the imagination.

Tell me your secrets, oh sturgeon moon
rising high amidst the blanket of stars
fill me with your omniscient wisdom
and strength, to the depths of my tired bones.

Oh prophet of June, beacon in the sky
gliding home gracefully on your lunar path
tuck me in to sleep with tranquil dreams
until the morrow dawns with hope.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2023
June 3, 2023

Happy Saturday! This week I had two inspirations for my poem. First, looking through Billy Collins lines steered me – after all, he is one of my favorite poets and authors. I have quite a few of his poetry books and have always been inspired by his imagery and observations on life! And once again the moon proved to be a dependable muse.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2023

It all happened by accident last night, when I was dressed in my workout clothes about to head down to the basement for a Bodi workout. I was wondering where Dan was, and I saw him out on the back deck. As I was walking out to talk to him, I saw it. The beautiful rising Sturgeon Moon, tucked away behind the trees in the conservancy woods behind our yard. As if by pure reflex, I ran to grab my Nikon camera and iPhone and told Dan excitedly to look behind him at the moon.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2023

To get a better view of the moon, I walked up the path on our ridge and then down to the lake so I could clearly view it on the Eastern horizon. The sun had already set, casting pink and blue swaths of light in the West behind me. Ahead of me it was getting dark, and the path was surrounded by a canopy of trees. As I made my way down to the water’s edge, the moon almost took my breath away. I began snapping away, undeterred by the mosquitos in the night air.

Dan followed me down, and we watched for about 30 minutes as the clouds drifted by, creating amazing images as it passed and encircled the moon. I caught some really cool images on my iPhone in which the clouds seemed to appear as a dog or demon to the right side of the moon! I haven’t gotten around to posting any of these on Instagram or Facebook, but the photos posted here are from my Nikon camera which I uploaded this morning. I was amazed at the detail of some of the images, which I shot WITHOUT a tripod.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2023

This all serves as further inspiration for me to get out my camera more frequently. God works in mysterious ways, and I’m grateful the beauty of nature sidetracked me last night. It forced me to slow down and follow the moon with my camera. Work and life in general have kept me from this lifelong hobby, and now I can’t wait to get back to it. Nature photography is my passion, and lately I have just admired others’ work lately while neglecting my own. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day, but now I realize I must make time!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with peace, rest or doing what you love the most!

xoxo Colleen

Mood: Relaxed
Inspiration: “Sail to the Moon” by Radiohead

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 48.14 – History Repeats
Hard Bonus: Quote or use a line by poet Billy Collins (“It is time to float on the waters of the night” & “balancing the wish to be lost with the need to be found”)
Easy Bonus: Mention your favorite author – Billy Collins, of course!

The Beacon

The Beacon

She is the beacon
guiding in the storms of life
unwavering light.

She raised her children
with unconditional love
always supportive.

She nursed all our ills
cold ginger ale and crackers
loving caregiver.

She exudes wisdom
always speaking her true mind
shining her bright light.

She radiates strength
my divine inspiration
my kind role model.

She is my mother
her home is also my home
and I’ll be right here.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2023
May 20, 2023

Happy Saturday! This week’s poem is obviously dedicated to my mom Gloria, who has indeed been the beacon in my (and all my siblings’) lives. She has given her blood, sweat and tears to her five children. She inspired me to always do better, to be kind, to work hard and to love unconditionally. She definitely set a fine example of what motherhood is all about, making sacrifices for her kids, taking good care of us, always there when we needed her the most.

Life could not have been easy for her, meeting the emotional and financial demands of raising five very high energy children. I know that when I was growing up, there were times where things were difficult financially, but we never really knew it. We never lacked food, shelter, clothing, support or love. Mom worked hard, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of all of us. She was and still is always there for us, and I am deeply indebted to her for this. She is our proverbial lighthouse in the storm of life.

So…. thank you, Mom! I love you with all my heart, and I am ever grateful for your presence in my life. If you are lucky enough like me to still have your Mom on this planet, please tell her your love her and appreciate everything she has done for you. If you have lost your Mom, my heart aches for you, as it must be a most devastating thing to go through. Sending out good thoughts and love to all moms, my family and friends.  Have a wonderful weekend, all!!!

Xoxo Colleen

Mood: Grateful
Inspiration: My Mom Gloria! ❤

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 46.14 Topic: An Inspiring Person
Hard Bonus: Incorporate a haiku 
Easy Bonus: Use a line from the movie “ET” ( “I’ll be right here.”)

Grace of the Daffodil

Grace of the Daffodil

She rose and turned to the sunlight,
The orange rays warmed her up inside.
She shook her yellow head, contrite,
And set aside her steely pride.

The orange rays warmed her up inside.
She braced for what the day would bring
And set aside her steely pride.
It was high time for a spring fling.

She braced for what the day would bring
In cloudless skies of crystal blue.
It was high time for a spring fling,
A chance for all things to renew.

In cloudless skies of crystal blue,
Robins sail low on the cool breeze.
A chance for all things to renew,
But you can never tell with bees.

Robins sail low on the cool breeze.
True motives scatter hitherto,
But you can never tell with bees…
For even weeds are flowers, too.

True motives scatter hitherto
As apple blossoms bloom and peak.
For even weeds are flowers too,
Colors splashing the landscape bleak.

As apple blossoms bloom and peak,
The dewdrops gently kissed her face.
Colors splashing the landscape bleak
And smiling with a sense of grace.

The dewdrops gently kissed her face.
She shook her yellow head so bright,
And smiling with a sense of grace,
She rose and turned to the sunlight.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2023
March 25, 2023

Spring is finally here, though it doesn’t feel like it for the past few days! The daffodils have been blooming for at least a month now, and I fear they are beginning to turn to mush. I wrote this pantoum to pay tribute to their grace and determination. They have endured the fickle weather, stood up to the winds, and put up with the crazy up and down temperatures. Sometimes we are all like daffodils holding our heads up, standing up to the tests of life, day in and day out. I would like to have the grace and gratitude of a daffodil, and I pray for this strength every day. Thank you for making my spring days golden, daffodils!

My hyacinths are starting to sprout up with their vivid colors, and I can see tulip shoots finally making their way out of the ground. Note to self: I need to spray some Deer Gone on both the tulips and hydrangea shoots to deter the adorable deer family from having them for dinner. I did not see any crocuses bloom this year, and I know I planted about 50-60 in the fall. Hmm. Oh well, I guess the chipmunks, squirrels, groundhogs or voles had some nice snacks over the winter!

I have never had much of a green thumb, but I do try my hardest to keep things alive. My garden has been a work in progress, I’ve had some successes and many failures over the years. I learn by my mistakes. I gave up on roses, but I have had great success with the crepe myrtle trees and hydrangea bushes on the north side of my house (now about 20 feet tall!) If it requires a lot of maintenance, then it’s probably not going to survive on my watch lol.

My biggest obsession is with trees, though! Every year since 2012 when we moved to our home in Northern Virginia, I have purchased about 4 trees per year (not counting the annual miniature spruces I purchase at Christmas, which have about a 75% survival rate on our property). The very first trees I bought were two beautiful Kwanzen Cherry trees, which produced absolutely beautiful pink blooms. They were planted on slopes in my backyard, on both sides of the house. A few years later, a substitute mower recklessly slammed into the side of one, lopping off a huge section of one branch. It was never the same after that, and one year it blossomed in the spring, then dropped its petals and never produced leaves. We left it for a year, it died a slow death. Then about two years ago, the surviving tree got blown over in a horrible wind storm. I actually cried, I loved those trees so much. Dan is usually very insistent that “we don’t need any more trees” but in my opinion, you can never have enough trees! But he knew how much I adored those cherry trees. The other day he pointed to the side yard, and he actually said “that looks like a good spot for another cherry tree.” It lifted my heart up, and I can’t wait to go to the nursery to pick one.

I love that the many different birds nest in our trees and those huge hydrangea bushes. We have several seed and suet feeders around the yard and in our rock garden on the hill. We get a wide variety of birds in our neighborhood: bluejays, cardinals, woodpeckers (red headed, red bellied, downy and pileated), red wing blackbirds, nuthatch, wrens, goldfinch, house finch, Carolina wrens, tufted titmouse, ravens, crows, bluebirds, mourning doves. We also enjoy the antics of the mockingbirds, catbirds, swallows, robins, and herons. And I don’t mind that the squirrels and chipmunks partake of the food, though I finally did set up a corn feeder for them which somehow the ravens discovered first.

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying the gentle breezes and beautiful flowers of spring! Have a great weekend!



Mood: Grateful
Inspiration: “Flora” by Ludovico Einaudi, the Master

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 38.14 Topic: Spring Fling
Hard Bonus: Incorporate an A.A. Milne quote or line (“She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head,” “Weeds are flowers too,” “You can never tell with bees.”)
Easy Bonus: Include apples and oranges

Courage… or Something Like It

Courage… or Something Like It

Fading to white noise, sense of dread
Questions ramble inside my head
Counting down the minutes and years…
Plagued with anxiety and fear.

Search for meaning, nothing to see
Lost bearings on a churning sea
Swallow pride along with my tears…
Plagued with anxiety and fear.

Gold liquid courage fills my cup
Tilt my chin back and drink it up
Time of reckoning has drawn near…
Plagued with anxiety and fear.

Fading to white noise, sense of dread…
Plagued with anxiety and fear.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
September 14, 2021

This post was written for the group Her Growth Collective. The topic was “Courage,” and the challenge went up the second week of September. I wrote it on the plane ride back from Florida over 2 weeks ago, but I never got an opportunity to post it due to wrapping up my final weeks on the job.

It is hard to have courage when faced with adversity, or when it’s time to change your course in life. When I am searching for courage in my life, when my anxieties are overwhelming, or in difficult times, the Serenity Prayer has served me well and calmed me. I have found that in the silence in between is where the answers lie. xo Colleen

Mood: The Silence In Between by Lamb