Love Songs on the Porch

Love Songs on the Porch

summer days
wake to birdsong
chalk art on sidewalks
hopscotch and roller skates
watching thunderclouds roll by
seventies love songs on the porch
wafting through our humble neighborhoods
baseball cards, clothespins, aluminum spokes
zooming down the alleys, hair flying free
running with glee through the cool sprinklers
blueberry snowcones at twilight
star gazing in my backyard
sweet childhood memories
such innocent times
and I wonder
just where have
they all

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2023
April 1, 2023

Wine by Candlelight

Happy Sunday! I am a day late posting this for the Blogophilia – and for good reason. Last night I was sitting here at my computer working a storm came up. I had finished my double etheree and was writing up the content for my blog, when a windstorm of wild proportions descended. We’d had warnings for high winds, and to be honest, we get them quite frequently where I live in Virginia. As I was on a writing roll, I paid no attention to it, typing away and suddenly – whoosh, the power was gone! It was pitch black, and we scrambled in the dark to find our lanterns, flashlights and candles.

Scrabble in the dark!

We could tell this one was not a mere flicker of the lights, so we reported the outage, and it was the exact same area that ALWAYS goes out. However, it must have been serious because Dominion Power was reporting it was not coming back until 3 am at the earliest. So I had to modify my evening workout to a leg and abs workout in the dark (no cardio). Then I washed my face with bottled water and put my pjs on – we live on a well and therefore, have no running water when the power goes out. (Which is a major pain!) The cats were a little freaked out, following us around and wondering why we were sitting there at 9 pm drinking wine and playing Scrabble by candlelight, instead of watching television!

Who’s the boss? Rudy stepping on Bobby’s head…

Since it was relatively cool outside, there was no problem sleeping (temperature wise, that is). However, we both kept waking up, peering up at the ceiling fan in the darkness to see if power had come back on. And of course, our luck would have it that still no power restored at 8 am when we crawled out of bed. The cats were a bit out of sorts. So Dan went into hurricane survival mode, drove to get us bagels and hot coffee. He also salvaged our Easter hams and took them to his office refrigerator (which fortunately still had power).

This was quite inconvenient for us both, as we are both working under the April 18 tax deadline and have LOTS of client work to do. Plus I was in need of a shower and a functional bathroom, so like I did for the past 3 power outages, I packed up the necessities, my computer, phone, chargers and we headed to his office. (Which conveniently has a functional shower, as luck would have it!) I told Dan, hey – it worked like a charm the last 3 times we headed to your office in a power outage, so why not? He got a chance to work while I had a decadent shower in an old but clean bathroom (who cares, I felt like a million bucks after)! And no sooner did I step out, fresh and fully dressed, than Dan said “Power’s back on!” Our neighbors had texted us. Maybe I should have done this last night, lol.

Curling up on the recliner with Dad

So we were out of power for a total of 18 hours. This evening I will have to determine what needs to be thrown out. The freezer still looked good, no ice had melted and the ice cream and meats were solid. I will toss eggs, mayonnaise, sour cream, dairy type things and any leftovers. It’s an inconvenience, but nothing like what we used to experience in South Florida with the frequent hurricanes. It kind of derailed my weekend a bit, as I did not get the amount of work done I wanted to. I’d planned on a nice 6 mile run this afternoon, but I’m just too exhausted today. So I’ll listen to my body and just take things as they come. The cats are tired out and catnapping as usual!

I was afraid my poem was completely lost – I didn’t remember saving it. Fortunate, when our power returned, the poem was still intact, but the blog verbiage was not. I think I was just musing on how many memories and blessings I have from my childhood in the very early 70’s – such a carefree time on Guilford Avenue, cruising the alleys (Keller Alley as we deemed it), dodgeball under the porch, reading books on the front porch, baseball in the gravel driveway, tag, freeze, Simon Says, playing in the cool basement, watching fireworks from the playroom window…. I have so many engrained in my mind and heart, and I am so grateful for them!

Catnip dreams! (Bobby Moonlight)

The takeaway this week? Be grateful for what you have, look at them as blessings, and take things in stride. I am so glad this power outage did not happen next weekend, as we have a hockey game Saturday night and are hosting Easter dinner on Sunday.  So listen up …. Aeolus, oh God of Storms, please be kind to us next weekend! Have a great week, everyone.


Mood: Nostalgic
Inspiration: “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Crofts

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 39.14 Topic: Where Have They All Gone?
Hard Bonus: Use a song title by the singer Pink (Humble Neighborhoods)
Easy Bonus: Include a baseball card

Between the Pages

Between the Pages

In this magical library
sitting high upon the shelf
dusty pages will reveal…
pieces of myself.

My restless fingers caress
cloth covered gold filigree
skimming tales of long ago…
full of rich history.

Therein lies a secret portal
into worlds of mystery
spilling out bold truths and hope…
love, life and liberty.

Escape the problems of today
wander into tomorrow
lose yourself between the pages…
you only have to borrow.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2022
December 10, 2022

Thomas Jefferson said, “I cannot live without books.” As I wrote my poem this afternoon, I looked around my home office and discovered how true that quote is for me! I am sitting here, literally surrounded by books. I have been collecting them since I was a child. My mother took us on weekly trips to the library, where we loaded up on books. My father drove the Bookmobile, which was very cool as a kid! So books are kind of in my blood.  I find it hard to let go of them sometimes, but I really need to – because I’m running out of room for them! Among the treasured books in my collection are several books of poetry and childhood books from my parents, a literature book from my Uncle Bobby, my 11th grade English textbook from Mr. Hershey’s class (not sure how that ended up in my collection…), and many poetry books from the masters to online friends who have self-published!

I’m always reading a book, my current book is “Echo in the Bone” by Diana Gabaldon from The Outlander Series, which I absolutely love. It’s almost 1,000 pages and it’s taking me a while to get through it, a little bit each day. How do I find time to read with such a busy schedule, you ask? Well – I blow dry my hair and read at the same time, that is how!!! That can get a little tricky, but I make it work. Since I’m usually always working at work or around the house, I try to multitask with things like reading. I very rarely have time to curl up on the sofa to read. I am hoping that my life can slow down a bit so that I can do more reading, though.

I buy my grandkids books ALL THE TIME!  I had a stack of them waiting here when they came to visit for an early Christmas, and I plan to mail them next week so they have them in time for Christmas. I know that Katie will carry on the tradition of story time each night, it is such a wonderful thing for kids. Dan and I took turns reading each of them a book each night, no matter how tired we were.

Maybe since we are staying put this holiday season, I will hope for a snow day so that I can settle in with a cup of hot tea by the fire and do some reading. I wish you all a restful season full of happy reading! xoxo Colleen

Mood: Mysterious
Inspiration: “In the Hall of the Mountaing King” – by Edvard Grieg

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 23.14 Topic: It’s A Good Life
Hard Bonus: Quote Thomas Jefferson. (“I cannot live without books”)
Easy Bonus: Use the word “Liberty”