Black Swan

Black Swan

See her glide across liquid fields of blue,
The shape of water morphing in her tracks.
Through dappled clouds, bright rays of light shine through
As dewdrops glisten on her feathered back.

Dark silhouette, epitome of grace, 
She shadow dances from dusk until dawn.
A sweet ballet, accolades to embrace:
Proud moments in the life of a black swan. 

But seasons in the sun fade too quickly;
Youth and beauty were never meant to last.
Your essence lingers in my memory,
Until the final curtain call is cast.

Good night darling, in morning may you wake
From golden slumbers on this pristine lake.

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021
May 8, 2021

I wrote this Shakespearean sonnet after being inspired by the beautiful Swan Lake Theme by Tchaikovsy. This musical piece brings back such wonderful childhood memories of listening to vinyl records with my Dad and my Mom …. we all loved Tchaikovsky music!! Where does the time go? *happy tears*

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there! Sending love and peace!
xoxo Colleen

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 8.14 Topic: A Proud Moment
Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate 2 Beatles Song Titles (Golden Slumbers, Good Night)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention an Oscar Winning Movie (The Shape of Water, Black Swan)


This Week’s Pic
  1. Seasons in the sun (in blog)
  2. Silhouette (in blog)
  3. Shadow Dancing (in blog)
  4. Jumping for Joy
  5. Sunset
  6. Leap of faith
  7. Forever Young
  8. Tumbling
  9. School’s out for summer
  10. Greeting dawn with open arms

Topic:  Tyler    Pic:  Irene

Sing To Me of Heroes

David Bowie Alladin Sane

Sing To Me of Heroes

The sun shines brightly through the blinds,
and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.
Cold news splashed in black and white
and all I can do is cry.

The crescent moon is dim tonight
and the stars look different today.
The world is spinning far too fast,
and I cannot find my way.

So sing to me of heroes,
diamond dogs and unseen scars…
Watch me as I close my eyes
and float amongst the stars…

We’re all living on borrowed time
and we’re clinging to our youth
while the end is drawing closer…
No whitewashing the truth.

They’re all waiting there with open arms,
Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
Freddie Mercury takes your hand and says
it’s time for you to sing…

So sing to me of heroes,
diamond dogs and unseen scars…
Watch me as I close my eyes
and float amongst the stars…

Colleen Keller Breuning © 2016
January 11, 2016

After having no words all day long, these words came to me tonight…straight from my heart. Most of you who know me well know that David Bowie was one of my favorite artists of all time. His work will live on in our hearts forever. RIP Ziggy Stardust…